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CNC Machining

1. CNC Machining and Assembly




Precision machined parts including sub-assemblies.


2. High Speed CNC Machining
CNC Machining Content
Precision CNC machining services. Low volume to high production lots. Up to date turning and milling centers provide accuracy with a short cycle time
The shop is state of the art, well lit and clean.
•We will machine most metals including, but not limited to, stainless, aluminum, steel, exotics and plastics.
•Facility includes CNC turning centers, CNC vertical machining centers.
•Size Capabilities: Max milling (40” x axis, 20” y axis and 30” z axis)
Capabilities: Max turning (21.6” Diameter, 43.3” turning length)
•Gibbs CAD/CAM software to produce accurate CNC programs Quality Control and Inspection: MIL – I – 45208A.
Email your drawings to us and we will provide a prompt quotation.


3. Prototype to High Production
Our Machining expertise and experience allow Ay Machine Company to assist our customers in developing prototype parts and mechanisms.
When the prototype becomes a production item, we will supply our customers with an efficient cost proposal to manufacture the items in any production quantity.

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