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Engineering Capabilites

Sino-Tools expertise in engineering delivers a superior product from the concept stage to final delivery. Sophisticated tools designed to maximize product design and project management efficiency ensure a quality product and customer satisfaction.


Our engineering department is fully equiped with resources and equipment to take your design concept and turn it into a final product. We can provide advice and technical support to fit your every need. Tools are manufactured and maintained in our own fully equipped tool room.


Our head engineers all good at English, so the communication will be very fluent, they have earned graduate degrees from the only nationally recognized university specializing in Plastics Engineering. With their hands-on educational background and many years of work experience they will provide you the optimal knowledge and recommendations for your product requirements.


Our engineering services include, but are not limited, to the following:


1. Product Development
2. Product Design Assistance
3. Mold Design
4. Molding Process Design
5. Material Selection Consulting
6. Packaging Design Consulting











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